UKSA/ASA Conference at Somerville College, University of Oxford


Somerville College, University of Oxford, UK
Somerville College, University of Oxford, UK

Friday May 10, 2024

8:00AM - 9:00AM

Flora Anderson Hall
At the Door UKSA/ASA Conference Registration until 9:00AM

9:00AM - 9:15AM


Charles Spence, Conference Host
James Wannerton, UKSA President
Carol Steen, ASA Co-Founder and President

9:15AM - 9:40AM

Jennifer Stevenson The Summer Months are Behind Me (literally): A First-Hand Account of Time-Space Synaesthesia

9:40AM - 10:05AM

Pau Sandham Dancing Tastes in Spain: Reporting. Classifying experiencing and expressing taste-to-shape synesthesia

10:05AM - 10:30AM

Christine Soffing Red Sounds, pink taste and maygreen fragrances. Visual Artworks and Soundscapes

10:30AM - 10:50AM


10:50AM - 11:15AM

Carol Steen Synesthetic Photisms, Hypnagogic, and Hypnapomic Visions: An Updated Comparison

11:15AM - 11:40AM

Beat Meier Hypnagogic experiences are more prevalent in synaesthesia

11:40AM - 12:05PM

David Luke Psychedelic-induced synaesthesia: Five studies

12:05PM - 1:35PM


12:30PM - 1:35PM

Maike Preißing: Podcast introduction: "Let's talk synesthesia" Live Podcast episode

Alexandra Kirschner: Film "Konzeptthesia" a short documentary by Pascal Acker and Alexandra Kirschner with experimental scenes in which Danko Nikolic is interviewed about the origin and development of synaesthesia.

1:35PM - 2:35PM

POSTER PRESENTERS: Marco Barilari, Adriana Chachi, Aurore Duont-Sagorin, Sayaka Harashima, Evelynn Harra, Katrin Hillgruber, Sofie Jespersen, Ann LePore, Luke Lucas, Christóbal C. Martinez, Stefan Moredal, Valeria Perboni, Svetlana Rudenko, Mamoru Watanabe, Aurore Zelazny, Yijia Zhang

2:35PM - 3:00PM

Nancy Weekly Charles Burchfield's Synesthetic Art Legacy

3:30PM - 3:55PM

Greta Berman Kandinsky Through the Musician's Lens

3:55PM - 4:20PM

Michael Haverkamp Synaesthetic artists of "Farbe-Ton-Forschung" (colour-tone-research) in Germany 1925-36

4:20PM - 4:40PM


4:40PM - 5:40PM

Charles Spence Keynote Speaker What role crossmodal correspondences in 'synaesthetic design/marketing'?

6:00PM -


Saturday, May 11, 2024

8:00AM - 9:00AM

Flora Anderson Hall
At the Door UKSA/ASA Conference Registration until 9:00AM

9:00AM - 9:25AM

Nicholas Root How language shapes grapheme-color associations: insights from a large international study of synesthetes in over 20 of the world's languages

9:25AM - 9:50AM

Janina Neufeld Synaesthesia, perception, and mental health - how are they linked? Investigating the genetic and environmental influences in twins

9:50AM - 10:15AM

Jasmin Rani Sinha Tailored Coaching for Synaesthetes

10:15AM - 10:35AM


10:35AM - 11:00AM

Romke Rouw Can you touch red? Cross-modal 'translation' of visual features into tactile surface properties

11:00AM - 11:25AM

Helena Melero Motor Cognition and Synesthesia: Beyond the Senses

11:25AM - 12:25PM

Daphne Maurer Keynote Speaker What synaesthesia can teach us about why we like some songs, faces, foods, plays, pictures, poems, etc., and dislike others.

12:25PM - 2:00PM


1:00PM - 2:00PM

CC Hart Workshop: Colour me hurt and the sound of sore, A panel discussion on pain synesthesias

2:00PM - 2:25PM

Pat Duffy Synesthetes on Stage: Portrayals of synesthetes and other anomalous perceivers in recent theater

2:25PM - 2:50PM

Effie Zografou Elgabry Diary of a Synaesthete: Entries of the past and present

2:50PM - 3:15PM

Ninghui Xiong An Outlook on Birdsong/Flower Fragrance Experimental Synaesthesia Paintings and their Aesthetic/Somatic Significance

3:15PM - 3:35PM


3:35PM - 4:00PM

Greg Jarvis Meeting of Synesthetic Minds

3:50PM - 4:15PM

Abiola Ogunsanwo Strategies for promoting awareness of synesthesia in Africa

4:15PM - 4:50PM

Sean Day Towards addressing the significant lack of most possible types of congenital synesthesia

4:50PM - 5:15PM

George Scott Acquired Synesthesia: A Firsthand Perspective

7:45PM -

BANQUET DINNER reservations required

Sunday, May 12, 2024

8:00AM - 9:00AM

Flora Anderson Hall
At the Door UKSA/ASA Conference Registration until 9:00AM

9:00AM - 10:00AM

Jamie Ward and Julia Simner Keynote Presentation Synaesthesia as Tool for Understanding Variation in the Mind & Brain

10:00AM - 10:25AM

Yi-Chuan Chen Crossmodal Correspondences between Sounds and Shapes: Mid-level Processing

10:25AM - 10:50AM

Bei Song Mechanisms and Effects of Audio-Visual Synesthesia in the Aesthetic Process

10:50AM - 11:10AM


11:10AM - 11:35AM

Solange Glasser High levels of synaesthetic endorsement in a study on music listening styles

11:35AM - 12:00PM

Trini Krpan Taste of Memories: A VR Journey into Synaesthesia

12:00PM - 1:30PM


12:30PM - 1:30PM

Trini Krpan, Svetlana Rudenko VR Interactive Demonstration Workshop

1:30PM - 1:55PM

Maura McDonnell Composing Colours and Motion

1:55PM - 2:20PM

Umut Eldem Hearing Glass: Synaesthetic and Cross-Modal Correspondences in the Musical Practice

2:20PM - 2:45PM

Chhavi Sachdeva, Emily Whelan How perceptual ability shapes memory: An investigation in healthy special populations

2:45PM - 3:05PM


3:05PM - 3:30PM

Corin Anderson Photisms: Composing Electronic Music with Synaesthesia

3:30PM - 4:00PM

Avery Raquel Synesthesia in the Creative Process - Creating music with colour

4:00PM -