Presenters and their Topics:

Princeton University, Princeton New Jersey 2001

1st Annual National Meeting of the American Synesthesia Association, Inc. Langfeld Lounge Green Hall Princeton University Saturday May 19, 2001 Organized by Carol Steen and Greta Berman Made possible by the Board Members: Sean Day, Peter Grossenbacher, and Carol Steen

Opening remarks by ASA Co-Founders, Carol Steen, and Pat Duffy. Brief statement from Sean A. Day, President of the American Synesthesia Association, Inc.

Eric Odgaard, Involuntary But Elicited: Cognitive Effects of a Scientifically Ignored Criterion

Noam Sagiv, Synesthesia and the Binding Problem

Sheri Wills, will screen her short film Nocturne and speak about how it relates to synesthesia.

Robert Root-Bernstein, Beyond Synaesthesia to Synosia: The Concept of Aesthetic Cognition

Peter Grossenbacher, What does Synesthesia offer Humanity in the 21st Century?

Gail Martino, Weak Synesthesia and how it Can be Applied to Product Development

Michele Root-Bernstein, Synaesthesia, An Approach to How Mammals Think

Pat Duffy and Natasha Lvovich, Natasha will read from her book, The Multilingual Self Pat will read from her forthcoming book, Blue Cats

Edward Hubbard, Cross Wiring and the Neural Basis of Synesthesia

Vilayanur Ramachandran, Synesthesia as Cross-Activation: A Window into Human Nature.