Presenters and their Topics:

Rockefeller Institute 2003

Our featured speakers for the 3rd American Synesthesia Association, Inc. conference are Lawrence Marks and Mriganka Sur.

List of all presenters:

Julian Asher, Researcher, Departments of Psychiatry and Experimental Psychology, Cambridge University, UK "Does X Mark the Spot in Synaesthesia? Results of a genetic scan of the X-chromosome and implications for the genetics of synaesthesia

Greta Berman, Art Historian, Juilliard, NYC "Receptivity of Synesthesia Among Music and Dance Students at Juilliard"

Richard Cytowic, Neurologist, Author, Washington, D.C. "Synesthesia's Contradictions to Conventional Brain Organization"

Sean Day, Linguist, Miami University, Ohio "Towards an international consensus and standardization of labels and terminology in synesthesia research"

Mike Dixon, Researcher, University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada "Synesthetic Photisms Both Help and Hinder Performance"

Pat Duffy, Author, United Nations, NYC "Personal Coding: Collected reports on how synesthetes inwardly code information, and idiosyncratic perceptions from non-synesthetes"

Harley Gittleman, Composer, Los Angeles, California "As a composer who experiences tone/color synaesthesia, I would like to demonstrate the synergy between music and color perception in a realtime environment."

Edward Hubbard, Researcher, Brain and Perception Laboratory, University of California San Diego, and Salk Institute for Biological Studies "Higher" and "Lower" Forms of Synesthesia Arise at Different Stages of Numerical Processing"

Lawrence Marks, Researcher, Director, John B. Pierce Laboratory Professor of Epidemiology and Psychology, Yale University "Synesthesia: Then and Now"

Wendy Mass, Author, New Jersey "Reading from her novel, "A Mango-Shaped Space""

Thomas Palmeri, Researcher, Associate Professor of Psychology, Vanderbilt University "The Perceptual Reality of Synesthetic Colors and Their Interactions with Real Colors"

Carrie Schultz, Filmmaker, Los Angeles, California "Screening of CHROMA, a 17 minute short documentary featuring 3 women with synesthesia"

Marcia Smilack, Photographer, Massachusetts "Proposal for an Art Presentation:"Weekends are Taller than Weekdays"

Ferrinne Spector, Research student, Trinity College, Conn. "Cross-Modal Associations in the Non-Synaesthetic Population"

Carol Steen, Artist, Author, NYC Visions Shared: A Firsthand Look into Synesthesia and Art, Recent Work

Mriganka Sur, Researcher, Sur Lab, Cortical Plasticity and Dynamics, M.I.T. "Plasticity and Specificity in Cortical Development"

Cretien Van Campen, Psychology Researcher, Netherlands "Combining artistic and scientific perspectives in the study of synesthesia"

Jamie Ward, Researcher, Department of Psychology, University College London, UK "A Comparison of Lexical-Gustatory and Grapheme-Colour Synaesthesia"